pneumatic (adj.) - containing or operating by air or gas under pressure

Dedicated to Advancing Compressed Air Technologies

The future deserves breathable air, drinkable water, and energy independence. Compressed air is a sustainable energy storage method. Unlike fossil fuels, green energy sources like wind, wave, and solar require a way to store the energy to be used when the demand increases, or the power source decreases.

The rotary sequence valve was shared publicly for open and free use by Cory Little, founder of Pneubike, on January 25, 2015. This valve operates two double acting cylinders, or four single acting air or hydraulic pistons, in a variety of configurations, creating a low cost reliable motor. The cost of production is low enough to enable the creation of completely sustainable air powered machines at a lower cost than gas or electric.

Advancements have been made to manifold the exhaust ports to utilize the motor for regenerative engine braking, or to run the motor in reverse. In this design the exhaust ports have been reduced to two instead of four.

Please contact Cory Little at with any suggestions, comments, or questions. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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